Question: hi. if i sent a note in a bottle, leaving from adelaide, where would it go?

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  1. Hi Mally,
    nice question! If you just tossed the bottle off your local beach then the waves and winds in that area would just bring it back to shore. It would move “down” the beach though, in the direction of the main wind and wave direction at the time. If, however, you managed to get it out beyond the surfzone, out of The Gulfs and into the open ocean then that bottle may eventually travel to … are you ready … Tasmania! This is due to the Leeuwin Current which originates around Ningaloo Reef Western Australia (see link 2) below). It is the world’s longest boundary current linking almost half of Australia together. It is one of several important currents that influence the coasts and living things around Australia (see link 1) below). Your bottle would take about a year (300 days) to do so, but it could do it. Sadly it could also wash up on the southern shores of Victoria due to winds.

    BONUS: For some potential extra credit (teacher allowing) visit link 3) below. It is a website provided by CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research which will allow you to explore how currents effect were things end up in the ocean. Play around with release dates, depths and how long you want to follow particles (dispersal time). You may be surprised where things go!






  1. oh, okay!
    thanks for answering my question.
    lucky i have friends in tasmania and victoria. 😛

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