Question: how did you get interested in creating games

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  1. I played some video games when I was growing up, but I was not especially into games. My first computer was a ZX Spectrum You could program it using BASIC. We would type in pages and pages of programming code from magazines to play very simple games.

    I studied Computer Science because I thought it would be fun. I never thought I’d work with computers for a living (Important life lesson: Do what you love!) After university, I thought I would study some more to be a teacher at university. Turns out you need a PhD and need to do a whole bunch of research to become a university professors, but I figured working with computers was fun, so I did that. I was not working in the area of games at this time. My research area was called “artificial intelligence”.

    After I moved to Australia, I was looking for a more applied area for my research and I thought making the NPCs (non-playing characters) intelligent would be a good contribution. This is how I started working on games. There were very few people doing research on games in 1998, so I got to know almost all the people working in that area. These days there are hundreds and hundreds of researchers trying to make better games, so there are lots of new ideas every day.