Question: what type of games do you create

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  1. I do not usually make games, but we make game prototypes. The difference is that the prototypes are not commercial products. They are not as polished, but they do show an interesting idea, a new twist for games.

    I teach game design and game programming and my students make games as part of their subject. They make card games with actual cards. They make board games, similar to monopoly and scrabble and they make electronic games that you can play on your computer. Some of these games are first-person-shooter, some are puzzles, some are racing games. Some of the games run on iPhones or on Android devices or XBOXes.

    We use GameMaker , Scratch and Unity as the different game engines. We also use C# and XNA to write games from scratch. Here are some videos from student games:



  2. None, I leave that to the likes of Yusuf who know what must be done.


  3. I don’t make games, but I do certainly enjoy playing them!


  4. No game creation for me, unless you count the crazy things we invent during long experiments…