Question: were has your work taken you

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  1. One of my favourite places that I have visited with my work was one of the most remote parts of Australia – the Top End of the Northern Territory. I visited the Tiwi Islands and some other remote parts of the NT. The reason that I went there was to do some atmospheric air sampling, to see which chemicals were present in the air at some of these places. It was great to see the way of life in the Aboriginal communities, see the artwork and the unique landscapes there.


  2. To start with my work took me from my very small home town out in country Queensland to Brisbane. Then I moved from Brisbane to Adelaide to do my PhD. And then the real travels began! I since been to Leipzig, Germany (at winter time, so I got to play in the snow and go to the German Xmas markets); Vienna, Austria; and closer to home – Canberra and Sydney.


  3. In a previous life my work has taken me to the frozen lakes of Minnesota, USA. As in -60C frozen! That was fun. Now a days I do not travel much, unless you count visiting overseas datasites from my keyboard


    But on occasions I get to go to Hobart, Tasmania; the head office for CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research. I like it there, nice and cold … well cool, it is not exactly -60C is it?


  4. I have only travelled in Australia… my young family has kept me close to home, so Syndey and Melbourne are the main venues for internationally orgnaised local conferences for me. I am investigating places to go in the next couple of years where we can take our children and add a fmaily holiday onto the end!


  5. I have been to lots of conferences for work.

    In Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Canberra

    Beyond Australia: Singapore, Shanghai (China), Istanbul (Turkey), Madrid (Spain), Limerick (Ireland), Los Angeles (USA), San Francisco (USA), Chicago (USA), Miami (USA), Orlando (USA), Wellington (New Zealand), Auckland (New Zealand), Rome (Italy), Copenhagen (Denmark), Worcester/Boston (USA) and maybe some others which I cannot remember now.

    The most memorable places are:

    * Chicago — It is a great city. I lived there for 10 years. I moved there to study at the university right after high school, all by myself. I only had 2 suitcases when I got there. 10 years later when I moved to Australia, I had a wife two cats and much much more than two suitcases

    * Limerick — It was a very short trip, so I did not get to see the city, but the trip to Ireland was memorable. I did not have an Australian passport at the time, so I was travelling on my Turkish passport. The British Embassy in Canberra thought I did not need a visa for United Kingdom, but I did and the airline would not let me get on the plane without a visa. After some begging, pleading and calls to the embassy. I was allowed on the plane. When I got to Heathrow, I learned that a “special bulletin” had been sent out about me. These “special bulletins” are usually for really important events, often security related and terrorism events. They were waiting for me when I got off the plane and I had to explain in detail why I did not have a visa!

    Los Angeles – For many years, I did not like Los Angeles, too many cars, too many people. I then discovered the small cities just south of the airport, by the water, and very walkable. My impression of Los Angeles really changed after that. I have been there many times.