Question: Do you belive that with the correct funding that it would be possible to create a stable worm hole?

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  1. As we do not yet know if wormholes are real we cannot answer that. Also even if they were real could one travel safely through one? All are unknown. In this case I’d say funding is not the issue more than just plain understanding. Personally I do not fancy the idea of a stable black hole somewhere on earth.


  2. Maybe if we could fund all of the worlds best physicists and mathematicians to work on this problem we could get some of the way there to understanding it, but building knowledge takes time as well as money. Plus, here’s something to think about – if we do manage to create a wormhole in the future, how come no one has travelled back through spacetime to tell us about it?


  3. I think scale might be key to this problem – in the first instance, most prototypes are built on a much smaller scale than the final machine will be. Even in studies examining how boats have capsized in open ocean in seemingly calm weather, small models are used and the ocean is simulated in only a small swimming pool. Physicists would first need to perfect their technology on a small scale… this would also give them some idea of stability issues. Large projects like this take years to plan and even longer to complete!


  4. There are some things money cannot buy. I suspect that stable worm holes might be one of those things for 2012. But, don’t lose hope. Come back in 100 years and we might have a different answer.

    Building knowledge takes time. We just don’t know where to start with the stable wormhole business. We can build some flying bikes with much less money, so maybe that is where we should spend the funds:



  5. This is not my field at all, but I do like reading about this sort of thing as I like astronomy though I don’t know that much about the actual physics of wormholes, especially compared to the astrophysicists who are experts in this sort of thing!

    I do at least know know that at this stage wormholes are pretty theoretical, that is they could exist without violating any of the accepted rules of physics, namely the General Theory of Relativity. However, it is not currently known how to create or stabilise them, so the funding really needs to go to improving our understanding of wormholes. Once scientists know how to make them, then money can be put to trying to make them stable etc. So I think it will be some time, and will take a lot of money towards research before we’ll be able to make them, if at all!

    Here’s a good site from NASA that talks about whether it is possible to make wormholes and some other questions related to the physics of time travel:



  1. the reason someone has not come from the future is because it will create a paradox

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