Question: When you finished school, what was your first job and has it always been what you do now?

  1. My first job was working at a hardware store 🙂 I kept working there for 4 years while I went to uni. My first paid job as a scientist (I did quite a bit of unpaid work experience) was in a lab where I analysed water, soil and air samples.


  2. My first job was at a sandwich shop when I started university. I didn’t stay there long as I found a great part-time job working as a carer with the Cerebral Palsy League. I spent the next four years helping a wheel-chair bound person in their home and assisted them in public. It was a great job and a great experience, and was really well paid compared to some other part-time jobs!

    My first job in science was when I finished university and I worked in a laboratory doing DNA sequencing. Scientists from across Australia sent our lab samples and we did the DNA sequencing and analysis and sent them the results back.


  3. My first job was working at Lenard’s poultry shop. I worked there from grade 10 until I started uni. My first paid job as a scientist was working on cancer research where I worked with blood to look for changes in DNA in families who has a history of ots of cancer to see if they all had the same change, which might explain their increased cancer risk.


  4. My 1st job post high school was being an electrician’s apprentice. This was so I could pay for petrol and school books for Uni. In the US, Uni is more of a pay as go system unless you have a scholarship or your parents could afford to send you. I did that for about 2 1/2 years. I am glad I did it though as the experience and knowledge has helped me later in life not only around the house but also in my job.


  5. My first job was selling photocopy machines. That is what my dad does, so that is what I did for a summer after high school. Luckily, I did not have to do it too long as I left home to go to university. At university, I got a job as a programmer, then as a research assistant, and then a teaching assistant.

    My dad still sells photocopy machines!




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