Question: are they any closer to finding a cure to cancer?

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  1. Cancer research is ongoing and there are now ‘cures’ for some forms of cancer. The issue is that we are not all made up of exactly the same genetic composition, so what works for one person will not necessarily work for another. Research for cancer cures is looking at lots of different aspects at the same time, like what mistakes in people’s DNA cause them to have cancer, what drugs work for certain cancers, whether certain cancers travel to other parts of the body. Honestly, I doubt that we will ever have all of the answers because cancer is such a variable disease. I definitely think we will improve the current treatment and reduce the number of people who die from their disease, but as we live longer we are likely to be faced with an even greater number of cancer sufferers. They say that if you live long enough, everyone gets cancer, it just depends on what your genetic make-up is (whether you have any mistakes in your DNA that increase your risk), what lifestyle you lead (weight, food) and what environmental risks you are exposed to (cancer causing things like radiation, chemicals like petrol or lead). It is a very complicated story, which is why is will be very difficult to find a cure for all cancers. Research will continue to enhance our knowledge and improve current treatments.