Question: if i wanted to become a scientist what would i have to do???


  1. You will probably need some kind of tertiary qualification if you want to get a job in science. There are TAFE courses available in laboratory techniques, and university degrees in all of the different sciences. If you want to have a career in science research you will most likely need honours and a masters, or most likely a PhD. It can be a long time spent in education but also very rewarding.


  2. I agree. Any type of science career will require some level of tertiary education. Diagnostic science jobs can be obtained with Tafe qualifications, but a reseacrh or teaching position will reuqire university education. You will also need to plan early so that you have studied the prequisite subjects at high school.


  3. Meeow kittykat!
    Like Renee and Elise said, you’ll need to go to UNI of the TAFE. There you will learn the background and techniques needed for the specific kind of science you are interested. While in highschool it will help to focus on math and science classes especially. Also if yours also offers “technology” or “SE&T” classes they will help as well.

    Most importantly though feed your desire to learn and understand. Do not be afraid to ask questions. We do not know everything and asking questions of what we know already (or what we think we know) can lead to some interesting results.


  4. If you want a research position, you have to go to university and eventually get a PhD degree. Sometimes there is no university degree in the area you eventually want to get to, but you can study something in a related area and then start your specialization. A PhD is a big research project, something that shows everybody that you know what you are doing and should be called “Dr KittyCat”!

    But, don’t wait uniti university to become a scientist. There is plenty of science you can do in high-school, lots of opportunities to test your theories. Have a look at some examples from this video:



  5. Like everyone else said you will need to study science in some form, most likely at least an undergraduate degree at university when you finish high school. Science is a very big field, and you can go into many different areas – from industry to medical testing to research to teaching.

    I would recommend that if you are interested in science you try to get as much exposure to it as you can – find out if there are any scientific interest groups in your area that are in line with your interests (eg. astronomy group), check out any events or talks in your area (National Science week in August is ideal) and do your own science like Yusuf suggested. If you get the opportunity, contact any scientists in your local area – most of the ones I know are more than happy to have a chat about their respective field and help out with information. If you get the opportunity to do work experience, try to get into a laboratory in an area you are interested in. Getting out there and involved with scientists is a good way to get experience and contacts to help you later on should you decide to pursue a career in science.

    Finally, I would recommend reading up on the things you are interested in to help decide where your particular interests in science lie. Then if you really want to become a scientist in a particular area, you can study the right subjects in your senior years of highschool and go to university.