Question: If you had to live on Venus for a while, what would you bring? and why?


  1. Probably an air conditioner because it’s a scorching 500°C on Venus! We probably couldn’t even make any kind of craft to get us there because it would just burn up once it got close.


  2. If we could survive the temperature, Venus has an atmosphere that is composed mainly of carbon dioxide, so oxygen would be a must (though it is very combustible so would probably just make me burn more quickly!). The atmospheric pressure is also about 90 times greater than that on Earth so some sort of pressurised cabin would also be necessary.


  3. Personally I would not want to live on Venus. As Renee and Elise have already stated it is extremely inhospitable to life from Earth. We could not build an artificial habitat for humans that would survive for long. If you look at the list of landers and orbiters we have sent there, you’ll notice that the landers either melted by the extreme heat or were crushed by the extreme atmospheric pressure. Not quite a balmy vacation place, better to hop on a plane and visit Bali.

    Mars would be a better place to live. At least there we can send a habitat for humans to live in which would survive. Also the all important need for life, water, has been know to have existed on the surface in the past and some recent evidence seems to indicate there may be some underground locked up in some minerals (see link 2) below).




  4. Too hot, can we choose a planet with a more moderate climate? I guess we should take all our food, all the air that we will breathe and a big container to live in since we won’t be going on any leisurely walks at that temperature.



  5. Venus is not a very nice place! We’d need to take oxygen, food and shelter. While it is a similar size to Earth, it rains acid on Venus and the atmosphere is 96% carbon dioxide so it is very toxic to us. And as has already been said, it is really hot! I think I’d prefer to stay living on Earth.



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