Question: How educational do you think your games really are? Do you really think that they are better than knowing history or maths things?

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  1. Games can be about anything. They can be about history and maths, so it is not a matter of one being “better” than an other, but finding the right balance.

    For example, you can learn a lot about Civilisation in how different technologies support each other and which ones are necessary before you get to the next one.

    This website has lots of interesting examples of games that explore different concepts: It does not replace math or history class, but you can learn a lot from it.

    One of the problems with traditional classroom learning is that it is not engaging. When the learner, the student, is not engaged, the information does not stick, so all the learning is wasted. Games can make information stick, but usually do not deliver as much information as a traditional classroom activity.

    Games also do not have to be electronic. You can have games in history where different people represent the military and politicians of different countries to examine how you think they would behave under different circumstances.