Question: why do people get ringing in there ears?

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  1. I am not a doctor so cannot answers this fully and would have to ‘google’ it.


  2. The medical name for ringing in the ears is tinnitus and there are several causes. It can come about as a result of damage to the brain, exposure to loud noises, ear infections, allergies or build up of wax or foreign objects in the ear. It is also a common symptom of age-related hearing loss. Treatments depend on the cause, and have varying effectiveness.


  3. I had to look this one up! The official term for ringing in the ears is ‘Tinnitus’. It has a lot of causes including nerve damage, ear infections and even foreign objects getting stuck in the ears. But by far, the most common experience of this has to be due to loud noises. Even if the noise is for very short periods of time, it can cause extensive ringing in the ears.

    So what causes it? The inner ear contains thousands of very small and very sensitive hair-like structures. These hairs respond to sound waves, and are linked to nerve cells via vibrational cells. So the hairs detect the sound, the vibrational cells transmit the sound, and the nerve cells send the signal to the brain.

    When we hear a loud noise or if there is a fault in the way we hear, the ability of the hairs to adjust to the frequency of sound is disturbed. The result is that false signals are sent to the brain, and we experience this as ringing in the ears.

    If you constantly listen to loud music or are exposed to loud noises, you can actually permanently damage these sensors, and may end up with hearing loss!


  4. Well answered by Janette and Renee. The tiny hairs we have inside our ears are similar to the ones inside our lungs, but inside our lung, they push any foreign particles or debris upwards and out of our mouth as we cough to make sure we can breathe!


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