Question: How many pivots would you have to create for an explosion or something in the programming?

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  1. I am assuming you are talking about pivot tables in Microsoft Excel.

    Luckily, it is almost impossible to break a computer through programming. I say almost because it is possible to turn the fan off and have the CPU melt or break down, but still no explosion.

    In programming, the limits are often as a result of the language you are using or the amount of memory or disk space you have. When you start working with very large amounts of data, you need special ways of storing them (such as in databases), special ways of accessing them (like using SQL or some other query language).

    There are alo some problems that are so large that no matter how much memory and disk space we have and how many computers we use we just don’t have the computational power to do it. The game of “go” is one of those cases. If you try to calculate all possible moves, you soon reach numbers that are larger than the number of atoms on earth. And we know that we do not have a computer that can store that much information!




  1. Sorry, my question wans’t clear at all. I meant like graphics or something.

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