Question: Why do people have morning sickness when they are pregnant

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  1. Morning sickness in pregnancy is related to the increasing levels of the hormone estrogen in the mother’s body. Some women are lucky not to get it at all, for most it calms down after the first trimester but for some it lasts the whole pregnancy. Often you won’t actually throw up, but just feel nauseated and generally unwell. There is evidence for an evolutionary reason for morning sickness, and that is to protect the fetus from anything harmful that the mother might ingest. There are anti-nausea drugs available which are safe to take during pregnancy which can help to reduce the feeling of being sick, but don’t actually treat the cause of the symptoms.


  2. As well as what Renee said, it’s thought there can be multiple reasons for morning sickness. Afterall, carrying and keeping a baby alive is a big task for the body to undertake. As well as the hormones, it’s thought morning sickness can be linked to fluctuations in blood sugar, an enhanced sense of smell, tiredness and stress. Like I said, it takes a lot of effort and energy to produce a baby, and the body has to change really quickly once pregnant so it can be a real rollercoaster in regards to how someone feels and the effects on the body, especially in the early months.

    It also is really variable from person to person. I know someone who used to only vomit at the smell of tomatoes whilst pregnant, but usually loved them! Some people I know have spent weeks doing nothing but feeling ill and then there are others who have no effects whatsoever.


  3. Not my area, so I don’t know any more about this topic than you do. A quick google search shows that the hormones levels are what causes the morning sickness, see