Question: do you lose control of you bladder when you die??

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  1. Yes, it’s true, and it is quite common, but it doesn’t happen all the time.

    When the body shuts down (i.e. death) all the muscles that are automatically controlled by the brain stop receiving any sort of signal, and therefore are no longer controlled. The entire body relaxes, and as a result of this, the muscles that keep your bladder closed also relax so any urine in your bladder will be released. Not a very nice thought…

    This process happens quite soon after death. By 3-4 hours after death, the muscle tissue undergoes a chemical change, resulting in stiffening of the entire body; this is called rigor mortis. This lasts for about 72 hours then the body will soften and relax again.


  2. Yes, it is possible but not always. You can also lose control of your bladder when you faint. Your body receives a message to relax all muscles. Well, when you relax the sphincter muscle, you urinate.