Question: if YOU could be the inventor/creator/discoverer/designer of anything in the world (that someone already invented/created/discovered/designed) what would you chose? How about if you could invent/create/discover/design anything (even if it's not possibe) what would you invent?

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  1. I wish I had invented the internet. It was not a single invention, but it did change how we think of information, how we learn and how we communicate with each other.

    If I could invent anything, I’d want to make a machine that made everybody in the world more empathetic. If people cared more about people dying from hunger, we’d work harder to solve these problems. If people cared about individuals dying in war, we’d find other ways to resolve our conflicts. I hope my invention does not backfire 😉


  2. I wish I’d invented vaccines. Much like the internet, vaccines weren’t a single invention, but vaccines have been developed for many diseases, and they have protected many people from becoming ill or dying. Vaccines have even helped control and (almost) ensure the complete removal of some diseases from modern society (polio is an example, it isn’t entirely gone, but compared to a few decades ago, it has become very rare, thanks to the polio vaccine).

    If I could invent anything, it would be a source of energy that was clean, cost effective and had no impact on the environment. It would mean we could stop mining coal, and wouldn’t be at risk of running out of fuel for our energy needs (fuel, electricity), it would be cheaper to power homes and nature would be protected from mining or the effects of waste.