Question: r chicken egg actually chiken period????

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  1. Hi kittycat, I’m not sure I’ve understood this question right, so comment if I haven’t and I’ll re-answer.

    Chicken eggs are actually the ‘pregnancy’ part of reproduction. Some animals are known as live bearers, and some are egg layers. The live bearers reproduce by fertilisation of an egg turning into an embryo then the full development of the baby takes place inside the body. The live-bearing animals then give birth to the already fully developed babies. Egg layers on the other hand, lay eggs in which the babies grow and then hatch from.

    So in the case of the chicken, the fertlised egg starts to develop into an embryo, is encased in a hard shell and laid by the chicken. The yolk of an egg is where the embryo is and is also the food source for the chick. The egg white is also a food source, but acts as a protective layer to protect the yolk and embryo.

    Like I said, I hope this answers you question!


  2. Chicken -> egg -> chicken -> egg -> chicken -> ….

    That is the cycle of life for a chicken!