Question: what mthyological creatures do you hope that are real or were real

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  1. I would love it if the Phoenix were real, one like Dumbledore’s pet Fawkes in Harry Potter. I love Fawkes because he can teleport (something I have talked about in the answer to another of your questions!) and his tears are able to heal wounds. I know Fawkes is a fictional, mythical creature but a lot of the medicines we use today are actually derived from plants and animals (eg aspirin from willow tree), so I think it would be great to study the chemical composition of Fawkes’ tears and see how they could help treat some diseases.


  2. I wish Griffins ( were real. They have the wings, head of and front claws of an eagle, and the body and back legs of a lion. As they are mix of two of the most powerful in majestic creatures we know about (that do exist) in folklore they are known as “King of the Skies”.

    I wish the were real because out of all of the mythological creatures, I think they would be really interesting from an evolutionary point of view, and figuring out how they evolved and exactly where they fit would be a challenge. Plus, in theory you can fly on them, and that would be just awesome!


  3. I am hoping for Unicorns. We have horses, we have animals with horns, so unicorns is not a big stretch, is it?