Question: Did it take a lot of time and schooling to get where you are today?

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  1. It did. I did the full 12 years of school before going to university. I completed a Bachelor of Science (3 years), a Masters of Science (1.5 years) and now I’m just about finished doing a PhD (3 years). So in total 7.5 years!! That being said, I did take a break and was able to get a good job after doing my first degree (the Bachelor’s),and you can do lots of things in science without studying for as long as I have. But for a career in research, a PhD is necessary so I’ve had to do lots of schooling and invest a lot of time – but for the experience and the amazing things I’ve gotten to do all the hard work has been totally worth it!


  2. Yes, it did.

    First, there was the usual K-12. I then went to university and studied BSc in Computer Science for 4 years. After that was the real specialization. I completed a research degree, the PhD, where you write a thesis at the end of your studies. PhD can take as little as 3 years and as long as 10 years depending on how quickly you get results, how organized you are, how good your supervisor is and other factors. My PhD took 6 years, so I was at university as a student for 10 years.

    After this, I was qualified as a “researcher” and “scientist”. I was first hired as a post-doctoral researcher for 2 years. I was then a lecturer at a university for 3, then senior lecturer and then finally associate professor. Pew, I finished high school in 1988 and became a professor in 2008, so that makes it 20 years where the first 10 was studying and the second 10 contributing to science!