Question: is it posssible to create a weapon the shoots pure energy?

  1. There is no such thing as “pure energy”. All energy is in form of the electromagnetic spectrum (see link 1) below). You can choose any frequency you like and try to use it, but some will need more power than others to be practical. Lasers and masers (microwave “lasers”) are probably the best “weapon” examples.



  2. Dirk has given a great answer. In terms of ‘shooting’, you can get a much higher amount of power from a short burst or pulse of a laser, rather that one that is operating continuously.


  3. I agree, a short burst definitely has the potential to emit a greater force!


  4. We can shoot bullets. We can shoot water. We can shoot light. We can shoot microwaves. We can shoot a grenade and have it explode at a destination. Everything we shoot has some energy. Some of it is in the form of “kinetic energy” because of its velocity, some in the form of “potential energy” that is stored and might do some additional damage.

    Let’s take a step back. Why are we shooting? Is it to kill a monster, to stop a tank, to disrupt a space ship? There might be better options than punching a whole through the object to disable it.

    My favorite weapon is the Portal Gun. Alas, it is not real (yet!) It can create two portals that connect to each other, one blue and one orange. When you go through one, you end up at the other end. Would be a good trick to jump against a wall only to re-appear at a very different place, or fire at the feet of the monster to have them re-appear at the bottom of the sea!



  5. Dirk has done it again with a great answer!

    And Yusuf, I like the idea of a real Portal gun!



  1. yes i have played both portal games and it would be fun to have a portal gun

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