Question: is it posible to become creatures of pure energy

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  1. There’s not really any such thing as ‘pure energy’. Energy exists in a lot of different forms – there’s electromagnetic energy (everything from gamma rays to visible light to radio waves), kinetic energy, thermal energy… Einstein’s famous E=mc2 equation shows that energy and matter are explicitly related, that is, the amount of mass an object has is also a way to measure how much energy it has. So if you look at it that way, we are already creatures made of energy.


  2. I would have to say no. Biological materials tend to exist in equilbrium, where the rate of energy production is balanced by the rate of energy use. It is hard to imagine a way to increase production of something like ATP, the cellular energy source, without first overhauling how our system works, or indeed how we produce the energy packages!


  3. No. Like Renee said there isn’t such thing as ‘pure’ energy. Energy has to take some form. In the case of humans, our energy comes from from the food we eat and is converted to ATP (like Elise mentioned) for our cells to be able to function. So in addition to what Renee said about us being made of energy due to Einstein’s famous equation, you could say that we are made of biological energy because of the way we convert food to keep our cells going!

    That being said, I like to think that there may be lifeforms out there based on other kinds of energy – say a creature that is electrical energy rather than biological like us.


  4. Like the ladies said, no. As there is no pure energy as discussed on a previous question.

    However, I have an ‘out’ if we ignore the ‘pure’ part. Renee mentioned Einstein’s famous:

    E = mc^2

    That means matter traveling at the speed of light is/transforms into energy. Soooo … if a human could be sped up to that speed, which is rather improbable, his/her body would become energy! I am not quite sure I’d fancy that process though.


  5. No.

    What is pure energy? A ball of lighting? Even light has a point of origin and travels in all different directions, so this idea of ball of lighting sticking around does not make sense beyond science fiction either.

    What would pure energy eat? Other pieces of energy? How would it capture and hold onto other energy.

    Nope, this pure energy idea is not going to fly!