Question: What is your most memorable experience that has happened while doing your job? :)

  1. I’m not sure that I have had a ‘most memorable’ experience.. I am amazed by lots of things that pop out of my experiments! I think this will be a changing thing, as the experiments evolve, one great thing this wieek will be replaced (hopefully!!) by another next week. I like scientific research for this reason. Sometimes you have an inkling of what you might find, sometimes you are blown away by how great it actually is once you find it!


  2. Like Elise I have not had a “most memorable” either. Also the whole “while doing your job” is a bit hard to stick to. For instance, being in I’m a Scientist has been quite memorable but it is not directly my job. I do this because it makes me feel like what I have learned can be passed down directly to the next generation(s). I am also a Scientist In Schools for my children’s school and that is very rewarding when I can contribute as well as quite memorable. (see link 1) below or of it is off line still link 2))

    But if I did have to choose an experience it would on a field trip while doing my Masters’ degree. This was back in the late-mid 1990s. It was -60C out, where in the middle of a frozen lake and quite windy. We were getting ready to drill a hole in lake with a hand auger so we could core the sediments of the lake. We take up around over 20m out of a lake and take it out a meter at a time. This quite time consuming and hard work. But that was not the memorable bit. What was memorable was my adviser and expedition leader usually works in all and I mean all weather, he is a tough, real tough And his was in his 70s then, and still tough! We were in the middle of the lake shivering even in our heavy weather gear, we looked at Herb (my adviser) and said, it is too cold and windy can we go back? And like a bolt out of the blue he gave up an elfish grin behind his frozen snot-cicles, he had a full gray beard and mustache, and said “OK”. He then turned around and headed back to shore, a bit of a walk. Now _that_ was memorable.




  3. I agree with the others, it’s hard to pick something out. I think at the moment I would have to go with getting my first scientific paper published in a journal. That was pretty exciting and I think I will remember it for a long time.


  4. I’m like the other scientists – I have lots of memorable things happen both in the laboratory (like when you get a great result) and outside of my day to day job (like going to conferences or like Dirk said, taking part in I’m a Scientist!) so trying to pick one, is really really hard.

    Probably one of the most memorable things that has happened so far was very early on in my current job. I was offered the chance to go to Germany for two weeks to visit a group our lab had been doing a project with. It was an amazing opportunity as I got to spend time working with one of the leading lab groups in my field and spend time in Germany, in the snow at Christmas time.



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