Question: if you could be a different species what would you be

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  1. I can’t decide if I want to be something that flies, or something that could go anywhere but is too small to be noticed. Maybe I could be a fly, that is both of those things. But can I still have a human brain? Because if I had a fly brain I would probably just take it for granted that I could fly and no one would notice me. Plus I might get sprayed or swatted, or eat something gross. I quite like being a human really…


  2. Ooh this is such a such a tough question!! Like Renee, I like being human, but I think if I had to choose just one other species, I would go with a dog. I’d like to know what it’s like to be a dog and how they see us when we have them as pets. Plus I think it would be a nice life, getting to eat and sleep and run after a frisbee!


  3. I would defninitely like to keep my human brain! But for a species, it would maybe be on the small scale like Renee. some bacteria are very cool and they can add bits of DNA from other species which make them very clever for such little things. Unlike us, they can change their living habits when nutrients are scarce, blend into the background and hitchhike a ride with all sorts of other larger species!


  4. Does one have to choose, they all have something different to offer. … did you see my 3 wishes in the profile?

    Of course keeping my human brain(intellect) would be important, otherwise it would not be that much of an experience. Let us assume that was not an issue. A dolphin would be great as one could explore the oceans and still have fun or perhaps a giant squid to get to those really deep places with out needing air. Flying also is quite appealing and something like an albatross with long wings to soar just over the waves of the oceans with no effort is appealing. Or perhaps some of the northern European geese that fly over the Himalayas getting extra air and water from organs in their beaks would be cool too.

    But if I’d have to pick a species purely for fun? Well that would the European hare. They are independent, strong, fast and clever. Not an easy prey item at all and the idea of lazing around in a field and woodland border munching clover on summer days is quite appealing, especially now with chilly winter coming on.


  5. I’ll go for being a cat. Have the humans serve me food while I lie around in front of the fireplace.




  1. you get to keep your human brain

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  2. Ok cool, I’ll stick with my original answer then 🙂

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