Question: whats it like being a scientist? is it fun,hard,boring,creepy or smelly???

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  1. I think being a scientist is a bit of all those things. It is fun and very exciting to discver something new, or to have an experiment work. Unfortunately in science, experiments rarely work the first time so it can be quite hard sometimes to get everything going as planned. There are definitely some boring jobs too, like entering all of your data into a spreadsheet, or sitting in front of a machine for hours just in case it stops working! It sometimes takes a long time to get results too, which is both boring and frustrating. Smelly… absolutely! Bacteria smell really bad, especially the ones that like to live without oxygen. If you think about garbage bins, they smell, because the bacteria are breaking down all of the food in them. Our breasth smells in the moring because the bacteria have built up in our mouths while we were sleeping!



  1. I agree with Elise, it’s all of those things and a lot of other things too! I do come across quite a few smelly things being a chemist. Many smelly chemicals can have some strange effects on you – sometimes if you smell something too often, you become sensitive or allergic to it and can no longer use it or be around it. Sometimes you smell something so much, you can’t smell it any more even when others think it stinks! And some chemicals can only be smelled by some people, depending on their genetic makeup.

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  2. Being a scientist isn’t one thing or another. It is all of them and depending on the project I am working on it can be any mixture of the above, but generally not creepy. Unless of course you count sitting in front of a computer for +6 hrs a day creepy which I suppose some may think it is.

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