Yusuf Pisan

Photo: Yusuf

Me and my Work: Creating tools to make the next generation of games

Status: Oh no, we are down to 3 scientists already!

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Renee Webster

Photo: Renee

Me and my Work: I research fuels and lubricants used by the Australian Defence Forces.

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Janette Edson

Photo: Janette

Me and my Work: I’m developing new methods for forensic identification of people from degraded sources of DNA.

Status: Amazed at how awesome science can be!

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Elise Pelzer

Photo: Elise

Me and my Work: I grow and identify bugs (microorganisms) from the upper reproductive tract… the text books would have you believe that if you do not have an infection, then these sites are sterile…not true!

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Dirk Slawinski

Photo: Dirk

Me and my Work: I mainly work with ocean models, “feeding” them data, analysing the results and making plots to help understand the results.

Status: enjoying the posted "ocean" questions

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